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  • Sunglasses is the fashion icon and part of our life. We know today's world is fashion-forward and wearing sunglasses is mandatory in our life. Normally all people wearing regular sunglasses or people who have eye power use power sunglasses or prescription sunglasses. It is famous because of the sunglasses trend. There are many occasion and festival we also use it. In our society, it is also popular in marriage, wedding and many other family programmes. So, it is often required and helpful that time when everyone wearing Sunglasses. Now, there are many advantages and disadvantage happen about it and how to perfect use it. Let's talk about it.



    About Power Sunglasses


    Power Sunglasses is the same power which has in eyeglasses and it made tinted material and colour will put on as per you select the colour. There are many types of colour and style in the frame and many different lenses which protect our eye from harmful rays. Prescription Sunglasses frames are the same as we use as regular sunglasses and it is the same colour printed on your glasses. There are round frames, cat eye frame and Wayfarer Sunglasses frame are trending. Instead of wearing contact lenses, Power Sunglasses give you better vision and protect from sun UV rays. Mostly on the summertime, it is the most helpful eyewear accessories. When you have contact lenses and use normal sunglasses it does not give clear vision and some people are complaining it vision spread on it. As compare it Power Sunglasses are a better option and clear vision guarantee. Let's talk about  How to purchase the best Prescription Sunglasses frame and lenses are ? and it will help you. There are many Online Power Sunglasses


     Power Sunglasses Online


     Best frame for Prescription Sunglasses.


    Choose the better Power Sunglasses frames to have some big advantages. As aforesaid sunglasses frames are used to it frames but you have also added prescription lenses which can costly and If you have to select low cost and breakable frame. It will a bad idea and it will be worth of money.  Selecting to strong material frame and brand are a good option. Many of metal frame, sheet frames, spring frames, and hard plastic frame are a good option for you. Use the frame which can you regular or often use and it will use for a long time because to don't have too many uses it and you have to pay more money as your regular eyeglasses. 

    Nowadays Round frame shape, Cat-eye shape, Rectangle shape, and all-time best aviator frame are a trendsetter on its frame. Get the best suitable sunglasses frame on your face.  Get which are comfortable you and easy to maintain it. If you have confusion go with your friends or family members who are helping you which frame shape will look good on you. We have too many different shapes, colour and different brand which will change your style.


    Chnage your style with power sunglasses 


    Power Sunglasses lenses:


     Selection lenses are also some confusion when you select a different frame and different lens colour. There are many types of lenses for prescription sunglasses. Regular lenses, Polarized lenses, Bi-focal lenses, Polycarbonate, and Trivex lenses are used. Choose it as per your use and which ones are highly affected on your work. For example, If you have driving too much and working outside of office use Polarized lenses which are one of the best lenses. It will reduce unwanted rays and gives you clear vision.  You can also select polycarbonate material which is also known the unbreakable material. It will use for a long time and protect it with damage.


    The disadvantage of Power Sunglasses :


    There are many advantage it and many factors are the effect on. How much bugs you spend and which material frame are you select. Well, It has only one disadvantage and it is costly. As your regular specs, you have to pay double or triple if you select a better lens. But it also works as per it's cost. If you want to enjoy Sunglasses then nothing worry about it and just buy it and enjoy it.


     buy power sunglasses for men and women




     When you need the near Reading Glasses::


    When you old your body part also older and work slow with compare to your younger time. Same as your eye has near vision problem and it's call Presbyopia. You have a problem to read the news paper, magazine, Books, mobile phone contact and messages and much other near works in office and kitchen. If you have all above mention problem you have near vision problem start and you should consult your optometrist or ophthalmologist near you.


    Which type of near reading glasses::


    Reading glasses are available in many types of variety of glasses and lenses. It depends on you which one you select. Mostly there are two types of reading glasses in the market. First one is full frame reading glasses and the second one is half rim reading glasses. There are frameless reading glasses also in the market but it is not popular as much as a Full and half reading. Both are easy use and maintained well. Full rim has many different shape and colour while half have to look smart and profession but in today's modern world people are using more and more full rim reading glasses. There are many different size option also in this glasses. For example, if you required big size lenses than the select big frame and if you want to move with it then select pocket reading glasses which can easy to move anywhere. Another one is like pen type glasses which are fit in the pen box and you have to carry it anywhere and use it when you need it. 


     Full Rim Reading glasses


    Who Need Reading glasses?


    It is a very popular question that who need reading glasses or after which age you need near vision glasses? As aforesaid when we older our eye also older and its lenses have near problem. Generally, after the age of 38 Or 40 people have near side problems and they often complain about their near vision problem. Almost cross the 41 or 42 they must need near glasses. Without it, they have a problem to work on near or they look it to keep a distance from their eyes. If you did not read properly in the near and you keep distance it and read then you have near vision problem and you need glasses.  If you have already distance power eyeglasses and your age is 40 or above you have also start Presbyopia effect but you have different eye power and required different lenses for it you have to consult your optometrist. You don't have to ignore it and it is natural problem which happens each and everyone. Some have early come while other have come later. Whenever you have this type of problem solve it and enjoy your reading.


    Which type of lenses are used in the reading glasses:


    Reading glasses are usually ready and it uses normal fibre lenses which are known as hardcore lenses. It is lightweight lenses and easy to use. There are many other lenses option available such as Anti-reflecting lenses, Blue cut removal lenses, and UV protected lenses and many other but for this type of lenses you have to make a new spectacle and lenses.

    If you have work near and for the side at the same time and you have to problem with reading glasses you should be a move to bi-focal lenses or Progressive lenses which are very famous for work both together. It is a single lens and work for far and near both sides. Progressive lenses are very famous on a profession like a teacher, doctor, engineer, charter accounter they have worked far and near both at the same time so they are mostly using this lens instead of reading glasses.  If you don't want to carry your glasses and you often forgot it so you can move on the bi-focal and progressive lenses while you made a photochromatic bi-focal or progressive lenses which help you in sunlight and you don't need you to carry any glasses. Just wear it and enjoy the look and read when you have any work.

    There is some myth also created about this glasses So first of all, I have clear it. Reading glasses are not a computer glasses you have to use it but sometimes you have a problem with it So don't compare it to computer glasses.


     Women Reading glasses at best price


    Advantages and Disadvantages of Reading Glasses::


    It is very helpful and easy to use. If you have both eye same power than you can use this glasses but if you have different eye power on both eyes you must consult your eye doctor and take advise them.

    Don't use the ruff material or cheap reading glasses online. Some companies are made low-quality lenses which are created eye diseases and problem to use it.

    Check your eye power before use it. Many of the people are avoid it and they work temporary and not gating importance it and use without eye power check.

    Normally housewife, Old age people and people who have two to three hours of use should be using it else you can make a good quality single vision reading glasses that will good for your eyes. 


     buy reading glasses at 99



    There are many types of new variety of products came and moving in the market. Recently in the optical mart blue cut remove lenses are quite famous and it is eye-catching to everyone and many people who have prescription eyeglasses are use blue cut remove lenses. There are many other myths also happening about this product and many companies made low quality and fake blue cut remove lenses. We will discuss it.


    What is blue cut remove lenses?


    Blue cut remove lenses reduce the harmful blue light which is generated from the electronic devices like mobile phones, laptop screen, and Television. These blue lights directly affect our eyes and create eye stress and eye irritation problem. Using blue cut remove lenses can reduce harmful blue light.

    Blue light has 400nm to 500nm wavelengths and when this light enters in the eyes the blue wavelength is focused on the retina and it will create a significant pressure to the eye energy and effect on our eyes and increase the effect of eye stress, eye problems. While using blue cut remove lenses have a unique coating which reduces unwanted blue light and gives you new visual experience.

    Other Information about it::

    It is also known as blue light filtration lenses and it is very famous for people who work on the front of electronics devices. It is also available in all types of eye power and zero power which is also known as computer lenses. For, all the single vision power, bi-focal power, and progressive lenses it comes with different-different range.  

    Blue cut removal lenses for men and women



    Many led light and electronics devices produce high wavelength blue lights. Blue light creates eye strain, eye tied, poor sleep types eye problem. Overuse of digital devices can create that type of eye syndrome.  Blue cut remove lenses stop digital eye strain(DES) it is also known as Computer vision Syndrome which can happen over the use of digital devices and work with the front of electronic devices.  


    Why use blue cut lenses ??


     One of the major reason for use of blue cut lenses is our too much use of electronics devices. We all know today's techno-savvy world, we use more and more mobile phones, laptop and late night television. Most of the electronic devices produce harmful blue light which is directly affected on our eye. Using blue cut removal lenses reduces the harmful blue rays and protect our eye against it.

    It is also used while driving in Night. When many light focal is direct spread on the eyes the blue cut lenses decrease the light reflection and give you clear vision.

    Well, good products are not easily bought but blue cut lenses are not too much expensive as other brand lenses. It is staring just Rs. 699 at our online spectacles store. We are selling top quality blue cut removal lenses at the lowest price. 

     Anyone can wear the lenses. There is not any age required and limit for use it. If you have full-time use in the front of electronic devices you must use this lens and if your child more and more use mobile and TV, I suggest to you use blue cut lenses for your kids. It will protect his/her eyes from it. 

    Best digital computer lenses


    Who can use blue cut lenses::


     Everyone can use blue cut remove lenses. There is not any specific rules or required for use of this lenses. Mostly, people who have all-time work on the front of the laptop or computer must use this lens. Kids or teenager also recommended using this lens because nowadays kid uses more mobile and video games and there are many eductions also provide an online platform so, laptop and computer uses are increasing. If you housewife and not any office work than you don't need this lens, you can use anti-reflecting lenses which mostly uses spectacle lenses. 


    A disadvantage of blue cut remove lenses::


     Actually, there are not any big disadvantages of it. Most of the people are using blue cut remove lenses and there are not any disadvantage on it. The lenses are made light yellow color and it looks like light yellow so, people who work in the colour industry should avoid this lens. It's a little ice cream type colour. This lenses block the and reduce the CVS(Computer Vision Syndrome) and protect our eyes from harmful blue lights.

     It is little costly compared to regular anti-reflective or anti-glare lenses. It is almost double price than it but there are many big advantages on this lenses so, you should ignore the price if you get that type of benefits. 


    low price blue cut lenses

    • Each and every time you step out of the house, the skin, as well as the eyes, are exposed to UV rays of Sun. These rays are not just harmful to the skin but also harm the eyes. For skin, there is an option to apply sunscreen lotions, SPF, etc. But the eyes, they are exposed without any protection. Sunglasses are the best way to protect the eyes from these harmful UV rays.
    •  The sunglasses having polarized lenses reduce glare as well as improve contrast and give visual comfort along with 100% sun protection. These lenses increase safety for the drivers driving on the road due to their anti-glare feature which is due to reflection. Thereby making the driving part a smooth one. Sun tints are also to be considered. They are available in almost all colours but the ones used most are brown, green and grey. 

                     how to select best sunglasses for me

    • Tinting can be done on almost all type of lenses that too as per the requirement which is a great facility. It becomes tailor-made after a point of time.  The transition lenses also protect from UV rays during the day and provide clear vision indoors and during the night.
    • All the above-mentioned sunglasses with a variety of lenses are available online. Just choose the right frame along with the type of lens and place your order.  The order once placed will be considered. The glasses of your choice would reach you within a very short span of time depending upon your location.  

                     Select the perfect sunglasses for you


    •   A wide variety is available when it comes to Sunglasses. Choose the correct one for yourself. The darkened lens in the sunglasses protects the eyes from Sun’s rays also adds a feather in the form of a fashion accessory.
    •   There is a large variety of sunglasses that are available in the market as well as available online. All these stores provide numerous options as well as offers. Sunglasses types are Aviator, Wayfarer, Oval, Sports, Rounders, Clubmaster and Rectangle. Select the one that you like as well suits on your face the most.
    •   Also, the brands that are available for all the ones who are brand conscious. All the year round, sunglasses are a must-have for almost each and every person that goes out of the house. The reason may be for work or for any other reason.
    •   The Sunglasses have the features like they can be polarized, or sports or prescription sunglasses. All these have their own significance.  Select the one of your preference and flaunt your style around. That too without burning a hole in your pocket.




    Eyeglasses today are a part of the accessory. Just the way there are branded belts and purses, there are spectacles frames available in some brands. Just to name a few –All well, Globus, etc. A mammoth choice is available for eyeglasses. Choose the correct specs frames that suit your face and the correct type of glasses and you are good to go. 


    eyeglasses- choose the right one


    For all the people out there, who need to wear eyeglasses on a regular basis, don’t fret out..! There is a lot of you.


    The glasses are made up of high-tech plastic now which provides a higher level of comfort. Also, light-weight and do not break easily. 


    Also acts as a protective shield from the UV Rays protecting your eyes from the harmful sun rays. 


    The Polycarbonate glasses are a good option for the kids who are careless with their glasses and also for those who play sports as these are rough and tough.


     Some of you might be having a strong prescription, then you may opt for high-index plastic which is much lighter and thinner than the old thick glasses. 


    Higher demand leads to high supply, similarly more and more people wear eyeglasses these days which makes us provide more for you. 


    There is a wide range to select from which renders you the best of the look. May it be for a specific occasion or routine use


    Choose the best for you without any efforts. Just go online, choose the one, get offers and discounts and order your glasses.  




    From Goggles to Glairs and Sunglasses to Shades, the sunglasses have always existed to create a fashion statement. Many people who have eyeglasses suffer from the problem of facing the Sun during the day-time as they cannot have a clear vision if they wear sunglasses. There was a way through, they could wear Contact lenses. But, it was not a convenient and affordable way for all.


      Looking at this, there is a solution for all the people who wear eyeglasses. They can opt for Prescription Sunglasses. Get your prescription from the Doctor and then choose any Sunglasses from a large collection available.


    Sd imges prescription sunglasses


      There is no doubt that selecting Prescription Sunglasses online is one of the best parts. It is easy to select from many varieties of frames and you get a big discount but there is a question How to select the perfect pair of Prescription Sunglasses frames?


     1. You can choose spectacle frames that suit and look like sunglasses. Even you can use any sunglasses frames.

     2. Then select which frame shapes look good on your face. You can check our blog "select frames according to your face" where we discuss best shapes of eyeglasses frames.

     3. After that, You enter your prescription power details. If you don't know about your power then consult eye doctor who is near to you.

    4. At the end, select the best quality polarized sunglasses lenses. You can also use bifocal lenses and progressive lenses.


    These power sunglasses will help you to have a clear vision during the day-time when you are in sunlight and also protect your eyes from UV rays. These glasses are made carefully in order to avoid any eye problems after using it. The Power is checked properly and then only the Sunglasses are made. Worry no more about the personality as sunglasses add on to the look and also help to make a style statement. 


    sd blog images women sunglasses



    Get the best quality Prescription Sunglasses online. No need to go anywhere. Just select the one you love and get your sunglasses at home. Keeping your instructions and choice into consideration, the sunglasses are made in a way that reduces glare and blocks reflect light which is perfect for a clear vision when you are out in Sun-light during the daytime.


    Select online and get your glasses at home! 



  •        Eyeglasses/spectacles have become a necessity rather than a luxury in today’s world. With the advent of television and smartphones, our eyesight is gradually weakened resulting in wearing of eyeglasses. But they can make you look fashionable & Transform your whole look if selected wisely. Choose some handsome frame from our handsome collection


    Get latest Stylish Eyewear for men and women


    Nowadays, wearing spectacle frames is one type of trend. People who don't have vision problem they are wearing specs many times just to look smart and increase their personality. There are many different types of fashionable frames trending and it will change day by day.


     Choose a designer frame for your eyeglasses and make your glasses a part of fashion accessory. Get various frames like sports look, party wear, edgy or attractive frame or an all-in-one designer frame that can define your look and personality.


    Shop Trending Round shaped eyeglasses


    Various shapes are available that provides an option to choose as per the shape of your face. There are full frames, half-rim frames, oval, round, rectangle and such basic shape frames. Also, fancy frames are available like Cat eye, Clubmaster, browlines, etc that can completely redefine your personality.


    All these varieties available online which gives you the freedom to choose from home. No worries in terms of quality and durability as these factors are considered of utmost importance. 


    Shop Trending Eye frames shape Clubmaster eyeglasses.


       A very convenient option that helps you save time as well as money. The technology used in making the glasses is ace which makes it something worth the money. The frame ideal for long time wearing due to its low weight.


      There is a Crizal and anti-reflective coating that ensures the glasses are safe and healthy for your eyes.  Consider the variety of options available, order them and get your glasses at home. 



  •       Due to global warming, the pollution nowadays has reached a new height. It is really important to care for your valuable eyes. The best solution to this can be quality eyeglasses which are available in various brands consisting of huge variety.  Many people have an unclear vision and are prescribed to wear eyeglasses. If that is the case, choose some trendy eyeglasses with different colours and redefine the way you look with power glasses.


       Whether you are at work, travel or simply watching television at home, your eyes need proper care and eyeglasses provide perfect protection to your eyes, be it simple or power glasses. Your wish will come true when you buy eyeglasses online. Shopping with great ease and solving time factor for service men and any person who don’t want to make efforts to visit various optical stores. 


    Trending Eyeglasses for men and women with the lowest price in India.



       Numerous options available such as Luxurious designs, Formal Design, Funky designs, etc. Choose from the above as per your preferences. Designer eyeglasses bring a unique style appearance to those who prefer casual outfits.


       The slim cut Jeans and White Tees exuberantly give a swanky style statement with it. The lively colourful and designer eyeglasses give a vivid look whenever adorned with style. Bring a wide smile on your face without harming your pocket. Our best specs frames are available in extremely affordable price ranges.

     Get latest designer spectacle frames for women and men at specsdekho.


      In the eyeglasses always prefer anti-glare glasses which are protected from harmful blue rays and it gives you better vision.  There are many other glasses variety available like UV protected glasses,  Scratch resistance glasses and dust protected glasses. All in all, anti-reflection and anti-glare lenses are the most popular and useful form our eyes.




  •  Nowadays wearing eyeglasses is trending. It's one type of fashion accessories. Well, it has many benefits also. Wearing glasses is safe your eyes from dust, sun UV rays, protect your eyes, give you smart look, it's easily accessible, give you professional and smart looks  

    Well, it's easy for wearing and give clear vision compare to contact lenses. Eyeglasses have available many types and many shapes. I always prefer to eyeglasses it's easy to handle and safe for wearing During driving wearing glasses have many benefits. It gives us clear vision, protects against car & bikes headlights, removes UV rays. So, it's a good habit to wear eyeglasses than contact lenses.  

    Eyeglasses are available in many different pattern and colour, people who have regular driving and work in front of laptop wear spectacles frames with Anti-reflection coating glass are very good for them. Anti-reflection glasses are reduced laptop and mobile screen waves. provides all types of Eyeglasses frames with anti-reflection coating glasses.




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