There are many types of new variety of products came and moving in the market. Recently in the optical mart blue cut remove lenses are quite famous and it is eye-catching to everyone and many people who have prescription eyeglasses are use blue cut remove lenses. There are many other myths also happening about this product and many companies made low quality and fake blue cut remove lenses. We will discuss it.


What is blue cut remove lenses?


Blue cut remove lenses reduce the harmful blue light which is generated from the electronic devices like mobile phones, laptop screen, and Television. These blue lights directly affect our eyes and create eye stress and eye irritation problem. Using blue cut remove lenses can reduce harmful blue light.

Blue light has 400nm to 500nm wavelengths and when this light enters in the eyes the blue wavelength is focused on the retina and it will create a significant pressure to the eye energy and effect on our eyes and increase the effect of eye stress, eye problems. While using blue cut remove lenses have a unique coating which reduces unwanted blue light and gives you new visual experience.

Other Information about it::

It is also known as blue light filtration lenses and it is very famous for people who work on the front of electronics devices. It is also available in all types of eye power and zero power which is also known as computer lenses. For, all the single vision power, bi-focal power, and progressive lenses it comes with different-different range.  

Blue cut removal lenses for men and women



Many led light and electronics devices produce high wavelength blue lights. Blue light creates eye strain, eye tied, poor sleep types eye problem. Overuse of digital devices can create that type of eye syndrome.  Blue cut remove lenses stop digital eye strain(DES) it is also known as Computer vision Syndrome which can happen over the use of digital devices and work with the front of electronic devices.  


Why use blue cut lenses ??


 One of the major reason for use of blue cut lenses is our too much use of electronics devices. We all know today's techno-savvy world, we use more and more mobile phones, laptop and late night television. Most of the electronic devices produce harmful blue light which is directly affected on our eye. Using blue cut removal lenses reduces the harmful blue rays and protect our eye against it.

It is also used while driving in Night. When many light focal is direct spread on the eyes the blue cut lenses decrease the light reflection and give you clear vision.

Well, good products are not easily bought but blue cut lenses are not too much expensive as other brand lenses. It is staring just Rs. 699 at our online spectacles store. We are selling top quality blue cut removal lenses at the lowest price. 

 Anyone can wear the lenses. There is not any age required and limit for use it. If you have full-time use in the front of electronic devices you must use this lens and if your child more and more use mobile and TV, I suggest to you use blue cut lenses for your kids. It will protect his/her eyes from it. 

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Who can use blue cut lenses::


 Everyone can use blue cut remove lenses. There is not any specific rules or required for use of this lenses. Mostly, people who have all-time work on the front of the laptop or computer must use this lens. Kids or teenager also recommended using this lens because nowadays kid uses more mobile and video games and there are many eductions also provide an online platform so, laptop and computer uses are increasing. If you housewife and not any office work than you don't need this lens, you can use anti-reflecting lenses which mostly uses spectacle lenses. 


A disadvantage of blue cut remove lenses::


 Actually, there are not any big disadvantages of it. Most of the people are using blue cut remove lenses and there are not any disadvantage on it. The lenses are made light yellow color and it looks like light yellow so, people who work in the colour industry should avoid this lens. It's a little ice cream type colour. This lenses block the and reduce the CVS(Computer Vision Syndrome) and protect our eyes from harmful blue lights.

 It is little costly compared to regular anti-reflective or anti-glare lenses. It is almost double price than it but there are many big advantages on this lenses so, you should ignore the price if you get that type of benefits. 


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