When you need the near Reading Glasses::


When you old your body part also older and work slow with compare to your younger time. Same as your eye has near vision problem and it's call Presbyopia. You have a problem to read the news paper, magazine, Books, mobile phone contact and messages and much other near works in office and kitchen. If you have all above mention problem you have near vision problem start and you should consult your optometrist or ophthalmologist near you.


Which type of near reading glasses::


Reading glasses are available in many types of variety of glasses and lenses. It depends on you which one you select. Mostly there are two types of reading glasses in the market. First one is full frame reading glasses and the second one is half rim reading glasses. There are frameless reading glasses also in the market but it is not popular as much as a Full and half reading. Both are easy use and maintained well. Full rim has many different shape and colour while half have to look smart and profession but in today's modern world people are using more and more full rim reading glasses. There are many different size option also in this glasses. For example, if you required big size lenses than the select big frame and if you want to move with it then select pocket reading glasses which can easy to move anywhere. Another one is like pen type glasses which are fit in the pen box and you have to carry it anywhere and use it when you need it. 


 Full Rim Reading glasses


Who Need Reading glasses?


It is a very popular question that who need reading glasses or after which age you need near vision glasses? As aforesaid when we older our eye also older and its lenses have near problem. Generally, after the age of 38 Or 40 people have near side problems and they often complain about their near vision problem. Almost cross the 41 or 42 they must need near glasses. Without it, they have a problem to work on near or they look it to keep a distance from their eyes. If you did not read properly in the near and you keep distance it and read then you have near vision problem and you need glasses.  If you have already distance power eyeglasses and your age is 40 or above you have also start Presbyopia effect but you have different eye power and required different lenses for it you have to consult your optometrist. You don't have to ignore it and it is natural problem which happens each and everyone. Some have early come while other have come later. Whenever you have this type of problem solve it and enjoy your reading.


Which type of lenses are used in the reading glasses:


Reading glasses are usually ready and it uses normal fibre lenses which are known as hardcore lenses. It is lightweight lenses and easy to use. There are many other lenses option available such as Anti-reflecting lenses, Blue cut removal lenses, and UV protected lenses and many other but for this type of lenses you have to make a new spectacle and lenses.

If you have work near and for the side at the same time and you have to problem with reading glasses you should be a move to bi-focal lenses or Progressive lenses which are very famous for work both together. It is a single lens and work for far and near both sides. Progressive lenses are very famous on a profession like a teacher, doctor, engineer, charter accounter they have worked far and near both at the same time so they are mostly using this lens instead of reading glasses.  If you don't want to carry your glasses and you often forgot it so you can move on the bi-focal and progressive lenses while you made a photochromatic bi-focal or progressive lenses which help you in sunlight and you don't need you to carry any glasses. Just wear it and enjoy the look and read when you have any work.

There is some myth also created about this glasses So first of all, I have clear it. Reading glasses are not a computer glasses you have to use it but sometimes you have a problem with it So don't compare it to computer glasses.


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Advantages and Disadvantages of Reading Glasses::


It is very helpful and easy to use. If you have both eye same power than you can use this glasses but if you have different eye power on both eyes you must consult your eye doctor and take advise them.

Don't use the ruff material or cheap reading glasses online. Some companies are made low-quality lenses which are created eye diseases and problem to use it.

Check your eye power before use it. Many of the people are avoid it and they work temporary and not gating importance it and use without eye power check.

Normally housewife, Old age people and people who have two to three hours of use should be using it else you can make a good quality single vision reading glasses that will good for your eyes. 


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